>Financial crisis and global economic crisis

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According to experts, all is going to crash down in the near future.

The maximum of the crisis will be the financial ruin of the United States which was predicted for the year of 2016.
It is expected that we all are witnessing the beginning of the greatest depression of all time.
This one should be even worse than the crisis back in the 1930s.
Many countries will fall back to the level of a developing country. The central problem of world’s population will be the catering of the own family.
Mass unemployment, poverty, riots, the conditions will be similar to a civil war and the impoverishment of the population are even more consequences.

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the professions that matter are those of farming, medicine, because with these professions-you can apply it to yourself.

How can a lawyer, accountant, or computer tech survive an apocalypse? When there is no law, money, or electricity to work with.

What we need during an economic collapse are those who can create food, treat wounds, or create local medicine(herbalists). We will have to depend on ourselves and not with the big companies or the government.


Inflation rates in venezuela are now at 3000%. It’s expected t rise at 1,000,000% by the end of 2018. Their currency is considered at no value at all. They were the leading economy in South America 10 years ago. But now they are in an economic collapse (collapse, which means it’s fast, as compared to that of a decline). Goods in the market are depleted! No more electricity and water is made available to the public. How can you expect to buy medicines or even eat 3 times a day? So there’s this mass immirgation.

Similar scenario is currently happening to Turkey (11% inflation rate), Argentina (25% inflation rate), and India! Mygod! Do you know what happens if india’s economy fail?? They literally supply medicines in the world. Do your research. Large companies will be closing including these pharmaceutical companies.

I am an economist and currently studying trends here in asia. And it gives me chills. In an apocalypse as that, the professions that matter most are not those accountants, lawyers, or


This is a posibilty the earth at the moment it on a knife edge thats all over the world somthing gota give and we will get the short end of the stick


I guess that's the theory that sounds the most realistic to me. Not that I think it will happen in 2016 but sooner or later something similiar could happen I imagine.