>Palm Leaves

>Palm Leaves

Famous palm leaves with predicitions on it, made for every single person on the planet.

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The famous palm-leaf-prophecies can be found in various palm-leaf-libraries in India. There are millions of palm-leaves in different libraries in India with CVs and horoscopes on it, written in Sanskrit and Old Tamil.

On this leaves is the future and the past of mankind are written down, the earth and accurate predictions for every single person on the planet.
According to the palm-leaves, in 2012, the world should not end in form of an apocalypse.

This leaves forecast a large European dependence on Russia with regard to supplies of energy and raw material advance.
The influence and power of Russia will be expanded significantly.

Social services will be reduced. There will be riots and mankind will declare that they can rely more and more just on themselves.
The prophecies and horoscopes of the palm leaves should have been viewed with some scepticism since the exact date of the transcript is usually not known.

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I don't believe in this magical stuff. There must be a hoax somewhere. How are those readers supposed to know which one of the millions of leaves is the one about you? Just looking for the right leaf would take months!


Googled it some more and found interesting articles about that. You can go to those libraries in India and one of the "Nadi readers" (these are the only people who are able to interpret the palm leaves) will tell you about your life. Very fascinating!
I will definitely go to India some day.




Palm leaves with the destiny of each person on the planet on it?
Sounds interesting!