>Theory of the Maya

>The Calendar of the Maya

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The Maya Calendar is obviously the most known prediction of all time. It describes accurately the day of our fourth era.
The 21st of December, the end of a long-term calendar, should also bring the end of the human civilization.

The humankind will enter a completely new civilization, which is fully independent from our current one. The Maya have one inscription from the 7th century which predicts the descend of the god Bolon Yokte (God of the dead).
This inscription comes from a place called Tortuguero.
It’s remarkably that exactly to that time an extremely rare stellar constellation happened: Our sun was in conjunction with the Milky Way.

The Maya disposed of a particular highly developed culture. Outstanding mathematics and astronomers were part of this Central American tribe.

The 5 000 years long terrified look in the sky can only be a reaction on an incident that came out of the cosmos.

Until this very day, scientists are intrigued by the exact methods to calculate the solstice and the planetary orbit of the Maya.

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I read somewhere that there's even another calendar. With the next time era or something. But this one wasn't considered.
But I am not sure.


I think the Mayan didn't expect that their calendar would be taken so seriously. They just didn't feel like doing another calendar that's all.