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Pandemics, like the influenza-pandemic, are of great danger.

The possibility of a major pandemic in the near future is very likely.
Whether plague, EHEC, Ebola, avian flu or other viruses and bacteria a global or continental pandemic in our society of the 21st century cannot be excluded.

On the contrary, in densely populated countries and the highly networked society, a very contagious disease could spread very easily.
Many viruses and bacteria adapt to the people, i.e. they are immune to common drugs and can develop further.
Climate change and the associated increase in temperature provide new habitat for existing or previously unknown viruses in many places on earth.

Many life-threatening viruses artificially kept to live in sealed laboratories. However, some nations argue, that it is important to keep some of this viruses alive, so that in case of a threat, they are able to run some tests.
So, a global contamination by viruses, bacteria and other infectious diseases is a realistic danger.

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I firmly believe that a pandemic is the mostl likely cause of the further down fall of society.
And like a lot of folks I am poorly equipped for this type of event. There is a lot of information out there, and I am not to familiar with the gear or preps I would need to be able to out last such an event. I am asking for advice on the most prudent preps that could get me started in the right direction. Having been a Marine I am trained to handle the more physical and tangible threats, like the fallout of such an event. But I'm not trained in the protection from the virus or disease itself. Any advice would be helpful, thanks.


Those who are prudent see danger and take refuge but the naive continue on and suffer the consequences for wot tomorrow bring no one knows . I think it will be the econamy then when we are at our lowest thats when it will hit us


It's definitely nothing we should forget. Diseases can kill people as you can see every day. People get sloppy when it comes to vaccination, diseases can spread easily.
I guess all humans could be dead within a week if a pandemic happens.


In my opinion: this is the way it will all go down. A big pandemic.