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>Economic collapse in venezuela, argentina, & turkey


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Inflation rates are rising,
Venezuela has an inflation rate of up to 3000% which means a cup of coffee is the same value as what an apartment is used to be priced at.

Inflation rate in argentina is at 25%

It will be a domino effect. It will affect USA and other countries also.

Services and goods will not be accessible. Loss of jobs will result to companies closing, which will mean scarcity of these goods. Supermarkets will close, banks will close, no electricity, no water, and no internet because of inflation. Grocery strores will be empty because of this hyperinflation.

People are now killing for food in Venezuela, it will be the same with other countries. It will be the worst ecenomic depression since 1930s and 2008.
Prepare yourselves

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India is also a candidate for hyperinflation. Having 5% inflation today! The highest inflation they experienced recently!
They are the major suppliers of medicine worldwide. If they will have an economic collapse, medicines will not be available worldwide! So stack up on medicines guys!


This thread was made posted in september 16, 2018.
Information is backed up. Do your own research.

It will be an economic collapse, not a decline. Collapse means all will be tumbling down. If the economy is hyperinflated, money does not work because it has no value, laws will not be followed by people because they are hungry, no electricity water or internet.

By the end of 2018 the inflation in venezuela will rise up to 1,000,000%