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What's important to start prepping?
What are the main things to pay attention to?

Share your knowledge and let us know!

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Most important is to learn skills, how to fish, hunt, trap, garden, dress an animal, make fire, etc.. Simple things to, like if you don't know how to drive, learn to drive, learn to patch a tire, take a self defense class etc.

Next sum up your situation, what is my intent in a real emergency (stay or go), is staying or going possible, where do I go, how will I travel, what will I need, what is between me and where I plan to go etc. If I plan to stay, how will I cook, dispose of human waste, protect my domicile etc. In a grid down situation no water, no toilets, no refrigeration, lack of law enforcement response etc...

Next make a kit list of what you will need to survive, not to be comfortable but SURVIVE - food, water, shelter, navigation, protection, fire etc.
- One list for what you can carry (my life-line bag I cant lose track of)
- Another list of things in your auto or what you would put on your bicycle or what every your mode of transportation is where you live, Metro, trains, bus etc should not be expected to be operational. These items are important but losing them in a riot or encounter with hostile people will not be an end to you i.e. the life-line bag.

Lastly, start assembling your kit, this does not mean large amounts of money, use dollar/pound stores, thrift shops, pawn shops, garage sales etc. Most my kit has been assembled by people who saw no use for an item.

One thing that so many people forget is HEALTH. Get in shape, stay in shape, live health. their is no use in prepping if you can't carry your kit or can't walk the distance you need to go to be in a safe zone. You quickly become a victim vice a survivor.

I do not believe in zombies etc. I prep for civil unrest, catastrophic weather and natural disasters, etc.


Without sleep you have a little chance of survival always make sure you have a place you can go back to if you can not find a new sleeping place.


6) Get vaccinated

There are so many diseases and illnesses out there. You can't play it safe enough.


Just learned an important lesson:

5) Check your supplies from time to time!
I forgot that and now half of my canned food and food supplies has expired and started rotting


4) Make a "Just in case" list

I really don't know if it's necessary and how many preppers do that but I did it and I update it every few months.
So, a list with the most important telephone numbers, emergency numbers. I even wrote down where the next shelter would be and just some things you might want to know in case of an apocalypse or an catastrophe.


3) Talk to other preppers.
A well community basis around you is one of the most important things! You need friends to talk to and a society which represent the same values and morals as you.


2) Start saving money!
You can't have enough money. There will come the day and you urgently need money to repair something or buy something.


1) Let other people think what they want.
I live in a country where almost no one knows what prepping is or for what it's good. They are all looking at you as some kind of stranger but you are not!