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I hope I am in the right forum for this post. If not, I am sorry and please remove it.

What do you think is the best alternative when the apocalypse arises:

- Hide at home
Nice and safe in a bunker with canned food and water for several months


- Take off into the wild with some light baggage
Hunt down animals, live from day to day from one place to another

I had several discussions with many different preppers about this and it's seems to me that everyone has his or her own opinion and experience on this.

Wouldn't it be smarter to hide at home? At a place you know?
I mean you have an advantage at your own place, you know where everything is and you are protected against the weather, viruses and things like that.

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Staying at home has some advantages but be prepared for moving to another location of to go on the run. So always have your.bugout items ready in case you have to leave.
Yeah it's great to be home and feel safe but others who don't have or didn't prepare will look to you for what you have and when a bad situation happens, there will be a lot of people who will be looking also and willing to hurt or kill for what you have! So if possible try to have another place safe to go.


I can see both points have their advantages and disadvantages. In my case it's depending on who's there with me at the moment. I am planning a family at the moment and it's very difficult with a little child to take off into the wild. But considering I am alone and can decide only for myself, I would definitely take off and hide somewhere else.


Naah! Why should you leave your house and safety behind you? Just to get into the woods and get lost?


I agree with MaryAnn. Got a backpack with the most important things ready in my closet. I would find another place to hide for sure!


I would never hide at home. A lot of my neighbours know that I am a prepper and just imagine what would happen if they need something and they know I have it!
Theft is a serious problem when it comes to the apocalypse.