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>Why did you start prepping?

Just wondering.

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As my headline already says:
Why did you start prepping?

I started because I thought it is my responsability to care and look after my family if something bad happens. I am a person who reflects a lot, I even medidate from time to time. I don't trust the government, not completely, so I am responsible for myself.

I live in an area where we are having a lot hurricanes, I had to come up with something. I then looked around the internet and found the "prepper society".
And now, 3 years later, here I am. A full prepper.

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I started prepping because when I heard about hurricane sandy was massive and when I looked on YouTube I watched a documentary about zombies I was a gamer then and I played zombie games and then it came up doomsday preppers and UK preppers so I watched them I'm a kid though 12 and my family thinks I'm crazy that I should stop but my mums cousin and my mums friend are preppers and they support me I do not sit on gaming devices much now because the outdoors is where everyone needs to be. And also I'm from the UK.


My parents are also prepping.

It kind of runs in the family so I grew up with it and it's just normal for me.


My story is completely different. I haven't found the prepper society, I am part of this all since I was born, my parents were preppers, too. To their time, they didn't call themselves "preppers" but they created a similiar way of living like the preppers nowadays. They always took care of themselves themselves. I had to learn at an early age what it meant to be there for yourself and your family, we had our own field, we grew our own potatoes and lettuce and stuff like that, we were and are not depending on the government or the state.
I love my life and all the tasks I have to take to live an independent and responsible life.


I believe in an unknown force, something that will happen soon in the future. I am prepared for the end of the world or anything that might will happen some day. We (the human beings) won't live here for much longer. Maybe 20-150 years, let's see what happens then....


I guess I can't be called "prepper" yet because I just started. Saw a documentary about it on TV and thought it was awesome.


My words exactly. Someone has to be responsible for oneself and one's family and when it's not the state or the government, who else?
I started prepping around a year ago and it changed my life completely. I see the world with other eyes now and I always think "what can I do to make that better?"