>Issues I’ve Had

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This app is great. The only Prepper app I’ve found in the App Store that allows you to communicate with other preppers and people in the community. However, the app does have some flaws I’d like to see fixed.

1. The guide section is supposed to be a joke, I get that, but when people are in danger and want answers you should just give them. Preparing for teotwawki (The End of the World as we Know it) is not a joke. If you don’t have the answer to a question, just don’t answer it. Don’t waste people’s times with sarcastic answers or only half answers.

2. The app needs moderators. People to moderate the topics being written and to delete spammers such as Lewi (an app user who spams nonsense everywhere.)

3. The app doesn’t seem worth it to me. Have you considered using discord instead? It’s easy to use and doesn’t require near as much work. It also has voice chat if people want to actually talk over call.

Overall the app is just kind of cluttered and messy but I will take it because it’s the only one I can find. Now I’m not here just to bash but because your asked for how I think the app can be better. I also love the idea of this app it just needs renewed and remodeling.

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