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I live in the backwoods and just got into prepping I want to make a bugout bag what is most important to include

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New to the group, I'm no expert but will share what's in my pack and I hope some will reciprocate.

- Cash - Pocket Knife - Cigarette Lighter - Reading Glasses
- Emergency Contacts - Pepper Spray

Cash Knife Multi-Tool Cigarette Lighter
Coin Flash Light Whistle Compass
Cell phone Energy Bar Cell Phone Charger Pen/Paper
Water Bottle Energy bar’s
List of Medication and health issues.
Emergency Contact Numbers/Address

Every Day Carry Bag is to be kept in vehicle for emergency. Contains enough supplies to get you home or to an evacuation point in the event of an unannounced emergency i.e. when at work, away from home etc.

(a) Signal Kit Items
- IR Strobe - Signal Mirror - Whistle on cord - Chemical Sticks
- Signal Panel

(b) Fire Kit
- Lighter - Life Boat Matches - Flint/Magnesium bar - Trioxane Heat Tabs

(c) Field Craft Items
- Knife, field - Sharping Stone - Hatchet - File, small (for hatchet)
- Gerber Multi-tool - Parachute Cord/Line - Rope - Duct Tape
- Electrical Tape - Crow Bar, small - Knife, skinning - Spetsnaz Shovel

(d) Shelter
- Tarp - Poncho Liner - Sleeping Bag - Sleeping Mat

(e) Protective Clothing
- Poncho - Rain Suit - Tactical Gloves

(f) Communication
- Radio (Wind-up) - Pointy-Talkie Card

(g) Navigation
- GPS, handheld - Compass - Notepad - Pens/pencil - Wrist GPS
- Road Maps - Binoculars

(h) Illumination
- Flashlight - Head Lamp - Chemical Sticks - Candles

(i) Health and Comfort Items
- Toilet Paper - Sewing Kit - Tweezers
- Nail Clippers - Comb/Brush - Toothbrush
- Toothpaste - Soap - Soap Container
- Shampoo - Razor - Shave Cream
- Powder, body - Powder, foot - Foot spray/cream
- Towel - Wash Cloth
*Female: Feminine Hygiene products

(j) Medical
- Tic Removal Kit - Snake Bite Kit - Insect bite stick - Insect Repellant
- First Aid Kit:
Tweezers Surgical Gloves Band-Aids Bandages
Gauze Tape, Surgical Anti-Septic Spray/Lotion Anti-Itch Lotion
Ibuprofen Benadryl Imodium Pepto Bismol

(k) Water
- Canteen - Life Straw - Water Purification tablets - Mini Sawyer

(l) Food Preparation
- camp cup - Mess Kit - Spork - Can Opener - Bottle opener
- Zip Lock Bags (Large) - Trash Bags - Zip Ties

(m) Packed Rations
Brew Kit: Action Ration:
- Tea/coffee - Gum
- Sugar - Energy Bars
- Drink Mix - Hard Candy
- Nuts
- Raisins

Last Pack/Grab Items:
* Weapon * Walkie-Talkie
* Water * CB Radio
* Food * Batteries
* Clothing * Medication-Prescription.

This is my list, I'm others might disagree. More kit you carry, heavier the load and slower you go. So pick-up skills that will reduce your kit.

Hope this helps.