>Survival Bag

Our survival bag if it comes to the worst

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The big fight to survive in a lawless world, in a crashed down civilization is everything else than easy.
An appropriate equipment is therefore a duty! You can find the following equipement in our bags:

- Lighter / matches

- Torches, batteries, radio
(with battery power or a manual dynamo)

- Canned or tubed food

- Water in plastic bowls
(about 2 gallons)

- Knives / Baseball bat / crowbar or any other sharp object / weapon you can find
(also guns and etc.)

- Walkie-talkie, CB-Radio

- An interesting book
(survival is the first rule! It would be very ironically if you die because of boredom…)

- A magnetic compass

- First-aid kid

- Your mobile phone

- Toilet paper

- Cigarettes

- Space blankets

- World map

- Binoculars

What is (or would be) in your bag?

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The pistol is airsoft I am 12 and I live in England I would not have a real gun the melee weapons are a massive tree twig a sword that is made out of stiff wood and a fake sword to practice for a real one and the knives a just multi tools mostly small ones and small knives that are half an inch


I have a proper big and very good bag I have out side of the kit I have about 3 melee weapons a pistol and about 7 knives in a pouch and a thee fire stuff like a lighter matches Flint and steel a fire rod and striker and a thee water bottles on the 2 pouches on the side of the bag I also hanging at the bottom of the bag is a 1 man 1 kit tent and in the 3 compartments the front one is a one for tins and stuff next one is a medical compartment and the biggest one is food water torches/flashlights more tools and so much more it is really helpful


I would have a pencil and pad


When I get my bag done I will bury it in my backyard next to a shovel so I know where it is when it happens


I do not have a survival bag. I prepared everything in my house for the end, I could easily live there for several months or even years without leaving it.


I would also add a night-vision device. I think they are really cool.