>DIY Sustaining Food source

Aquarium / garden

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Create a food source like your own garden, stock on some seeds because in an apocalypse, the resource for seeds will be scarce. How on earth can you find grains when the supermarkets are shut down? So stock up some seeds in dry containers, corn (you can make popcorn or plant it), nuts, sunflower seeds, these seeds do not go die soon. Then make you garden. Plant gingers, potatoes, etc.

Protein! Make your own aquarium full of catfish or any edible fish. If you have lots of fish you can even barter fish for other goods that you lack, and fish multiplies fast. In 2 weeks, little fish hatchlings will go big in no time.

Other sources of protein are bugs and worms! Do you research, because they are small, they multiply fast.

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Live stock,
Chicken or duck farm.
You can have eggs or the chicken themselves.

Chickns are also easy to trnasport just in case