>Food that lasts 30-50 years or more in shelf

Food that lasts 30-50years in the shelf

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Make sure to put them in a glass container with a metal lid or a cork.

Corn syrup
Pure vanilla
Maple syrup
Vinegar: apple cider
Vinegar: distilled white vinegar
Popcorn seeds from whole corn, not the flavored popcorn packed in grocery stores
Tea (whole leaves, not those crushed or dust texture)
Corn starch (put silica bags)
Soy sauce
Dry milk
Hardtack (ship’s bisket) (put silica bags)
Cubed Bouillon (beef, pork, etc.)
Ghee (clarified butter)
Dried beans
Hard liquors
White rice
Canned foods (spam, sardines)
Dried Spices
Instant noodles

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Failed to mention that no food last 30-50 years that I have come across, the best on the market now guarantees up to 20 years shelf life if stored properly, and it can be expensive to purchase.

best way to go about it is to stock and rotate supplies i.e. use and replace. I am not wealthy but I have a plan....


Bugging In:
Consume all perishable and frozen food first. Than start on your canned/tinned rations. Canned/tinned rations are weight, if you have to Bug Out that's to much to carry.

Items to keep stored:
- Canned/tinned rations (ready to eat, no preparation required, can consume hot or cold)
- RATION ENHANCERS (Spices, Sugar, Honey etc.)
- COMFORT/ENERGY RATIONS (Peanut Butter, Jam, Nuts, - Raisins/Trail mix/Energy Bars, Beef Jerky)
- Oil, Cooking

Rice, beans etc can be stored for long periods in air tight containers with Silica Gel Desiccant packs or similar product in them.

Also remember, that purification of water and extra food is great bartering items.