>Food that lasts 30-50 years or more in shelf

Food that lasts 30-50years in the shelf

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Make sure to put them in a glass container with a metal lid or a cork.

Corn syrup
Pure vanilla
Maple syrup
Vinegar: apple cider
Vinegar: distilled white vinegar
Popcorn seeds from whole corn, not the flavored popcorn packed in grocery stores
Tea (whole leaves, not those crushed or dust texture)
Corn starch (put silica bags)
Soy sauce
Dry milk
Hardtack (ship’s bisket) (put silica bags)
Cubed Bouillon (beef, pork, etc.)
Ghee (clarified butter)
Dried beans
Hard liquors
White rice
Canned foods (spam, sardines)
Dried Spices
Instant noodles

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