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You’ll need these

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Your are your family’s maintenance meds

Alternative meds (herbs)

Vitamins and mineral tablets (lots and lots and lots of these) because you’ll be deficient of vitamins from makeshift foods.

Balm and scented menthol balms

Antibiotics in capsules, tablets and creams (different kinds because pharmaceutical companies will close)


Anti-pyretic or paracetamol, works against infalmmation or fever.

Dextrose, syringe, cotton, gauze, bandage, alcohol, sewing needles for wounds, surgery scissors and clips, band aids, eye drops, lab irrigation bottles, surgical gloves, and laboratory masks (all of these you can buy at your local pharmacy pr laboratory supply shop)

Other chemicals that will be hard to find:
Baking soda
Muriatic acid
Chlorine (for cleaning your water)
Hydrogen peroxide for wounds
Other oils (for mosquitoes like citronella)

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Yes. You need a doctor’s prescription for antibiotics. These drugs will be scarce during wars as international exchange of goods may be compromised


Very nice list, however you do not want chlorine to disinfect water, bleach (plain, NOT scented: 4 to 6% sodium hypochlorite) is best. One problem I have been unable to solve is where and how to obtain antibiotics? Where I reside they are not sold in the stores, need a prescription. Of course I have read much about fish antibiotics being just as good, but I have no education on such things.