>What do you have in stock?

I just want to know.

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Hello dear preppers.

May I ask you what supplies you've got at home?
Do you have your own stock? If so, what's in there and what do you advise me to buy?

Thank you for your answers!

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7-10 days of perishable food
30 days of canned/tinned food
6 months of freeze dried rations
- Non GMO seeds
- Capability and ability to hunt for fresh protein.

What you need to stock is really based on your intensions, situation and location (city, suburb, rural etc...) Would need more info before I could make an intelligent suggestion.


You should have a lot of water stored away, with a bit of water treatment liquids Sitting next to it. Package canned food, such as peanut butter, and some freeze dried food. Freeze dried food can last you a very long time and are good to travel with. That is only the food and water, and you should package a lot more things. If I were you, I would purchase bread knives. These are long, strong, and are saw toothed so they can cut easily, and they normally look very intimidating. I won't mess with anyone that has one of those in their hand.


I'm sorry to hear that ApocalypseNow
It must have been very frustating!


I just had to throw half of my supplies away. My food isn't edible anymore and I found mice in my basement. Real waste of money


- distilled water as well
- canned food (vegetables and fruit like pears and apples)
- 2 car batteries
- money


Always a few gallons of distilled water and some bottles of vine.