>How do I dress a wound?

Someone was injured and you want to help them. Here's a brief instruction on what to do.

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At a heavily bleeding wound, it’s important to apply a pressure bandage.
You can put a pressure bandage to all severe injuries at the extremities (arms or legs).
You need:

- Cloves

- Compresses / or tissues

- Triangular bandage / or a scarf, a tie

- Compression bandage / or a pack of cigarettes

First, make sure that the affected body part is placed on top of something.
Place the compress (or the tissue) to the wound and if you have someone who can help you, let this someone press on the wound.

Then take the triangular bandage, the scarf or piece of cloth and wrap it tightly around the wound.

After that, put the compression bandage or the pack of cigarettes over the wound and wrap the towel once more tightly around it.

Try to get the node exactly over the bandage and the wound, to exert more pressure and to close the injured vessels.

Check again how firm the bandage is! Is the arm or the leg turning blue, loose the bandage just a little bit.

What do you say?
How would you dress up a wound?

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I had to dress up a wound once because I was the first one who drove by a car accident. I did it just as it is written up there, amazing
Luckily, I had a first-aid kid in my car trunk. It wasn't that hard.
But I hope this was the first and last time I had to do this.