>How do you make a fire?

Here are short instructions on how to make a fire.

Tags: fire, wood, flame, warm, bonfire




You don’t have a lighter or any matches (we DO suggest you to get a survival bag NOW!), so you need to make a fire the old fashioned way.
It takes:

- Some soft wood
- A sharp and hard stave

First of all you have to find an appropriate place for your bonfire. Gather as much dry leaves, grass and god knows what. After that, put the stave in the middle of the wood and place it between your palms. Try to roll the stave in your hands as fast as you can. There should be a bit of a fume after a few seconds. When you see some sparks coming up, you almost have it.
Put the stave aside and blow gently into the glow ‘til it becomes a single flame.

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