>Learning a foreign language is power


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Learn different languages or stock up on different foreign dictionaries.
Chinese, russian, japanese, arabian, etc.

What if a foreign country invades you or if you are foced to leave your country? There’s a freeze in the economy and goods are inaccessible like no electricity, water or gasoline, again- we can’t be dependent on these gadgets, go buy yourself some dictionaries.

Even if you don’t read them, atleast you’ll have a hard copy of another country’s language in case you are forced to migrate.

Also, don’t forget to secure your passport. That way, in an emergency you can escape upon recieving an information about an attack if it is really necessary to leave. Secure some documents like birth certificates.
If not, one can create your foreign I.D.s just for one to survive, this was done during the world war II. And it has saved a lot of lives and jews. although it is unlawful, the times necessitates it.

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