>Survival knowledge and skills you will need

Knowledge is power

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Useful knowledge and skills during an apocalypse (study and do your own research):
Ways to start a fire
How to grow vegetables
Basics of Farming
How to get clean water
How to make a bunker
How to raise your own poultry
How to raise fish as food in an aquarium
Edible plants and herbs
How long does a particular food last
How to counter radiation
Basics of fixing a radio
Basics in electronics
How to make a soap
How to make a thread from plants
How to make a bow and arrow
What are the natural anibiotics
How to effectively barter items & goods

Books that will be lost but you need to preserve:
We are so dependent in technology, what if your country can no longer provide you with electricity and water? How will you charge your phones? How can you access your internet to find answers? You can’t! That is why go collect these important books or study material:

Survival basics
Books on farming
International and local maps, maps in you neighborhood (printscreen it in google maps then print it).
Books about Herbs and plants in your place

You will also need refillable pen, ink, pencil, paper, and notebooks, for you to record your experience, to record what you need, if you have a message to your family member while you leave. Next thing you know you’ll be the next Anne Frank

Paper will be hard to find if the economy collapses, the stores will be barren and empty, banks will close, no goods and services available, stock up on all of these!

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